La Maison Pierre. Holiday rental in the Charente Maritime
Kitchen Renovations
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When we bought the house it had a tiny separate kitchen with virtually no fitted cupboards.
It was in the same place as the new kitchen but separated from the dining room by a wall.
Separate dining room with massive built in cupboard to the right of the window housing a stero and a second fridge. 

The fire was an open fire which didn't work properly just filling the room with smoke.
The wall between the kitchen and dining we thought was just a partition wall turned out to be made of concrete, although thankfully not a supporting wall. There was also a reinforced lintel above the opening between the kitchen and dining room. 

Conversely, the outside window which should have had a lintel above didn't, or rather, it did but the lintel wasn't held up by the walls either side but by the actual window itself - which we planning to remove.
After a heroic effort, Aaron the wall destroyer heads off of to his beer reward.
New distribution board fitted and new electrics for the power hungry ovens and induction hob, lighting and bountiful sockets.

New cement sides fabricated on site either side of the kitchen window to properly support the lintel when the window is removed.
New insulation and plasterboard racked out and kitchen carcasses being installed.
At the other end, now open. The revised boxing in of the waste pipe and electricity meters can be started along with remedies for a damp old stone wall at the front of the house.

The fireplace is cleaned ready to accept the new log burning stove.
Kitchen and new window installed, all up and running just waiting the rubbing down and painting.