La Maison Pierre. Holiday rental in the Charente Maritime
Pool Installation
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Our criteria for buying the house was it musn't have too big a garden as we didn't want maintenance problems, but we did want space for a pool.

Dare we dig up half the garden to install one?
Pool arrives on a poids lourd - articulated lorry. It was nearly as big as the house!

This delivery was for two pools, ours and a larger one destined for a little further south at Jonzac.

The pool is in kit form and was ferried into the garage with a fork lift. 
The process starts in September.

Digger arrives on time to gouge out the large hole for the pool.

5 trips to the quarry to empty the spoils, last load is left on the garden to backfill the pool. This will be a hole 8m x 5m x  1.3m deep.
Despite its size, the digger is amazingly manoeuverable and very accurate in the hands of our skilled driver, M. Bordas.

Very little damage round the edge and with sides almost vertical.
The pool sides are steel sections bolted together, checked for level with a laser. A few buttresses anchor the pool in place with a small amount of cement around the bottom.

We were advised to install a kidney shaped pool 7x4m with integral steps down as it would be the best shape to compliment the garden.
Laying the screed at the bottom is a skilled job.

M. Siveton has built around 100 pools and has the same one as ours at his house.
Digger returns to back fill the pool.

Demolition of the black shed commences to increase the area for parking and provide another sun bathing area to catch the evening sun.
Pool installed and backfilled. The whole process took just a week. Grass re-sown and all is left now over Winter until Spring when the terracing will start and the lawn renovated.

When the terracing is complete the pool will be commissioned.
April 2017 the terracing team start. The garden slopes towards the house so it all has to be levelled. Everything has to come up to avoid steps between the pool and the path and sunbathing areas.

Top soil removed, levelled, hardcore compacted and then concrete poured
5m cube of concrete poured, it had to be levelled before it started curing in 25 deg heat.

While the concrete hardened the path was relaid and the decking started on the same level as the pool.

We still have a reasonable amount of grass on which to sunbathe or play boules.
Fence installed between the car parking and the garden area for privacy and pool security, and trellisses for colour and privacy.

Carol hard at work grouting the paving stones.
Terracing complete, we await M. Siveton's return to commission the pool and fill with water.
First the insulation ,piping and finally the liner is installed.
At last, filling with water.

This was a very anxious wait as there were water restrictions anounced in our neighbouring commune. The pool took 2 and a half days to fill.

The week after, filling swimming pools was banned.
Finished - and the water is crystal clear.

3 weeks later water restrictions lifted after 2 weeks of rain. At least we got a swim in!

Tomorow's job - security fence.